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In the previous episode, titled ‘A Man of Colours,’ Zarfidi Virtue took over from Iva Davies in the quest of finding the burial place of the last Iman of Islam. This he did by finding the secret scroll on the Greek island of Kostellorizo. Then, following the hidden signs left by the squire, William McBride at Beverley Minster, Zarfidi was able to piece together the clues of where the burial site might be found. After many adventures and mishaps along the way, he finally found the path to Teba Castle in Andalusia, Spain. Here the Australian found the prize he wanted to find.

However, the pressure of such a demanding task, finally took its toll on the young man. The loss of his lover, Manuela and close encounters with the underworld’s, Annie Palmer along the way, left Zarfidi with no more stomach for continuing the journey any longer. This made the architect put the ring cycle to one side for several years as he returned to a normal life in Perth, Western Australia. And in doing so, he only wanted to participate in the mundane tasks that others in society experienced, every day. This worked out for some time as the knowledge of Teba Castle remained hidden from public awareness in the shadows of the darkness of the night heavens.

Still, when fate has a plan for the future to complete, a pause is only something the chosen ones can expect to be given, before reality knocks on the door, again. Especially, as Zarfidi already knew that only half the task had been completed to date. Because, the source of the Knights Templar treasure still needed to be found, so that the last temple in Jerusalem could be built again at the end time before the Last Iman arose to life again from Teba Castle. And to ignore such a proposition, might mean that other adversaries who wanted to stop the temple from being undertaken for their own earthly reasons, would find out about the Teba site in the meantime.

Thus, giving them the opportunity to foil such a plan by encouraging Moslems in the Middle East with the help of the Last Iman to finally challenge the Christian faith as the dominant religion on the face of the planet. And to have the likes of radical Iran pushing its agenda against Europe in the Mediterranean and northern Africa would only lead to war and conflict in that part of the world. So, Zarfidi Virtue could not be left to his own devices for too much longer before the soft beating drum of the end time would once again be heard by those who played a part in the story. And this only left one thing to now show its face. How and when would such a spirit of King Arthur and Camelot of the past, come back again into the arena of western thinking to save the final chapter of humankind from total destruction.